When lives are on the line, analysts need the ability to sift through loads of information – in hard drives, removable media and other digital storage devices – to find critical information while it’s still actionable and relevant. We’ve developed a novel solution to make this possible.

Rapidly Collect
& Analyze
Digital Files

At Grier Forensics, we’ve developed a first-of-its-kind imaging solution that enables analysts to rapidly collect, transmit and analyze digital files operationally in the field. The result: actionable intelligence at mission speed.

Our forensic imaging technology uses a patent pending algorithm to build a map of the disk, identifying valuable regions that are most likely to contain valuable data. Some regions contain essential metadata and intelligence, while others simply contain blank, factory-default files. Once the valuable spots are identified, the tool automatically filters out irrelevant regions as it scans. As a result, you receive a detailed forensic image of the relevant regions, sector by sector, which can then be shared while the data is still actionable.

Use Cases

  • Forensic analysis
  • Mission operations
  • Intelligence operations
The Grier Solution

Over 13x Faster
than Existing

Get The Information You Need, Fast

When there’s zero room for error, and every second counts, you now have a faster, more effective solution to identify and collect the intelligence you need. Contact our team to learn more about how we can support your specific mission needs.

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