Cyber Defense

In the air, seconds can save lives. An attack on the tactical IP networks that connect airborne forces can be crippling. Detection alone isn’t good enough. These networks need advanced automated cyber defense. We set out to solve this challenge, and have developed game-changing technology as a result.

Rapidly Detect
And Neutralize Attacks

In an airborne battlespace, every node in a network is vulnerable. Even encrypted networks are subject to attack. With the increasing sophistication both of military communications systems, and the techniques and tools of bad actors, no node is invulnerable. Once an attacker is in, the entire network – and it’s critical assets – can be subverted.

Our cyber defense solution fuses Packet Level Non-Repudiation (PLNR) with threat intelligence, creating a truly collaborative solution. When any single node detects an attacker, the entire network is notified. This enables an isolated node to independently verify attack reports, without trust. Within seconds, the remaining nodes can collaborate to isolate and mitigate the attacker — enabling your mission to continue as planned. Don’t fight alone. Discover how you can gain knowledge of any threat, anywhere, any time.

Use Cases

  • Battlefield communications
  • Cloud-based mission planning and collaboration
  • Real-time command and situational awareness
  • Continuous network analysis

How It Works

In the battlespace, any single node is vulnerable. With Grier technology, any node can detect an attack, relay the data and verify it across the network. Within seconds the entire network collaborates to neutralize an attack.

Defend the Skies

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