It is nearly impossible to browse the public web without leaving a trail of activity. This makes it incredibly difficult to perform operationally secure web searches for critical uses, like open-source intelligence training (OSINT) and military exercises. We’ve created a solution.

Billions of Websites
Entirely Offline

Our technology enables users to access a continuously updated, searchable, browsable offline copy of the web without risking privacy, anonymity, or operational security (OPSEC). What users experience is the same as traditional online browsing, but is completely offline, eliminating any risk to mission security and providing a powerful tool for OSINT Managed Attribution training and practical exercises.

Users are able to answer critical questions while maintaining OPSEC. The solution enables search and detection without leaking attribution or search patterns. You’ll have controlled access to the richness and relevance of the web, all continuously updated for the greatest relevance and context. The modular nature of the solution allows for extensive configurability to meet your unique needs.

How It Works

Stay Anonymous

The live web is now at your fingertips, in an environment you control. Contact the Grier Forensics team to learn more about this revolutionary technology, its successes and availability for your mission.

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